Monday, December 29, 2008

30 December daily Trade Gift


Let s try to finish the 2008 year on a positive Trade ^^

Volume are still not important so entering the market is still Dangerous.

But if you want to feel some trading exitation here is my Daily Advice


Buy 1.4390
Limit 1.4456
Stop 1.4314

Sell 1.4183
Limit 1.4053
Stop 1.4309

I will also advice to enter small lot during this period, no use to take big risk.

See you tomorow


  1. Bonjour!!

    I just finished watching the Global FX DVD, and I am thrilled to try out your strategy.

    In the DVD, you said you doubled the money in 10 days. Did you just use the Global FX strategy? I remember Sarah-san was mentioning in her blog (or news letter) that your first strategy was a little more complicated, so I assumed that you usually used the Global FX strategy AND SOMETHING else... ???


  2. Hi,

    First , I would like to thank you as you are the first comment on my blog. arrigatou ^^

    I hope you enjoyed watching the Global FX DVD and that This method will bring you lot of succes.

    Personnaly I m using diferents methods according to the Market. But the Global FX Method is one of my most used one.

    I m sure the more you use this method the more you will feel confident about it.
    About doubling the money, It s all about how much you trade a day and how much LOT you use.

    At least I can say that a 50 points daily goal can be meet consistently if you follow this method.

    I hope my daily advice will help you too^^


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  4. Renix,

    I wasn't sure how to leave a comment on your blog because the commentaire form was written in French?, but I did it somehow! Yeah!!

    50 pips a day would be really good for me. 20 pips would be still good.

    The winning rate of the Global FX is 60%. I got the method to win, so my next subjects to learn will be money management and mental strength!!

    Thank you for sharing your winning strategy.

  5. Hi,

    I will try to make the menu of the blog in english at least.

    Money managment and mental strengh are really really important.
    Don t try to win or to recorver to fast, accept to lose some day.

    I think half of personnal trader don t lose because of method but because of mental mistake.

    Don t gamble, don t be impatient, don t enter with disproportionned lot and you will avoid more than half of your lose.

    Thank you for reading.