Monday, January 19, 2009

19 January New York Time Daily Trade Gift



Today it s national holiday in US, chotto abounaii...

Today was really not moving, but Global FX user dealing with EUR/USD must be happy,It was all winning ^^

I hope to enter tomorow morning for Tokyo Time Trade.

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Good Trade and see you tomorow morning.


  1. Dear Ranix-san,

    Good evening!!
    I took half day off today because my kids has flu. Did you have a ful shot?
    I traded EUR/USD as your advise and got a good result 5 win 0 loss.
    Thank you very much for your advise.

    I will keep you informed of my Global FX result.


  2. Bonsoir Tadashi san,

    I hope your kid feel better. U had my flu shot too. To be honest it was a flu month...:-(
    But Now I m recorvering So it s ok.

    I m happy to read that Global FX made you win some today. I hope It will be the same tomorow.

    Please keep me inform of your result and don t hesitate if you have any questions.( how many pips was 5 wins? at least 100 I hope)

    Good trade

  3. Hi Ranix san,

    My son is ok and daughter has still fever but getting better.

    I got about 90pips yesterday.
    I hope Global FX make me win today too.

    Have a nice day!!