Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 January


A big うぃーく is coming^^

I hope to be succesfull

Let s finish this month on a positive way ^ 」^ ( がこくじん face smiley,picasso style)

Don t forget to visit the blog tomorow morning for Tokyo Trade Gift.

Thank you for your comments and heping me with my poor japanese


I added an article to help people writing comments on the right side( blue part)
Please feel free to let comments.

For Global FX user, I will advice to trade with EUR/USD this week too.

Last week really really ぐっど( arround 75% winning ^o^)

Please Global FX user visit the blog, I will advice wich pair to trade with If it change from EUR/USD.

Please help me みんなたすけて with my ブログランキング

Good trade and see you あした

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