Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 April Tokyo Time Daily Trade Gift

Sorry, I hope you add the time to set up this trade...

It happen really fast, and was an fast win( position was only keep for 20 sec...)

I will provide more trade soon.

So please don t enter this position anymore.


Trading Time...


Buy 1.3429
Limit 1.3445
Stop 1.3413

Sell 1.3357
Limit 1.3340
Stop 1.3374

Yesterday I receive a mail asking my why I didn t enter. May be some of you think they understoud this strategy, but it s a little bit more complicated than what you think.
Anyway be carefull with your trade ^^

April : - 40 PIPS
Mars : +99 PIPS
February :  -42PIPS
January : + 110 PIPS
December : +225 PIPS
Total : +355PIPS

Time to trade but also time to support my ブログランキング ^^


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