Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 May Tokyo Time Daily Trade Gift


Time : No entry

People that keep GBP/Yen position limit 2 was winning : + 184 PIPS
position was nearly stop and then wining ^^

I hope you enjoyed this trade ^^

May : + 222 pips
April : +33 PIPS
March : +99 PIPS
February :  -42PIPS
January : + 110 PIPS
December : +225 PIPS
Total : +647PIPS

Hey ^^ Time to support my ブログランキング



  1. hello.
    your GPB/YEN buying point was
    Buy 150.07
    Limit1 150.77
    limit2 151.91
    Stop 149.61...

    yesterday's lowest point was 149.57.
    so it hit the loss cut point, i believe....

  2. Hi,

    That why I don t like to provide GBP/Yen trade as gift.
    My lowest point was 1.4962,Nearly stop but still ok.

    Lowest point depend of your spread and your FX company as every FX company have different rate and spread.( generaly you can find 5/6 pips difference between fx company including spread and rate)
    That why I provide euro/usd as spread is smaller it make it easier to avoid this kind of situation( it hapen me the same thing last week with a position that was close in one account and ok with another one with euro/usd...)

    I m sorry if you position was close.

    how much is your spread for GBP/Yen?


  3. Enchante^^
    Je suis Luc.
    Moi non plus, je n'ai pas gagne votre GBP/Yen.
    Je fais avec CMS et "spread" est 7 pips.
    Hier, GBP/Yen, lowest piont est 149.55 .

    Mais, j'ai pu gagne avec limit1.

    (J'ai etudie france il y a quelque an.
    Mais, j'ai oublier beaucoup de mots.
    Donc, je ne peux pas ecris bien. Desole...)

  4. Enchante Luc

    Je vais repondre en anglais cela sera plus simple pour que tout le monde comprenne ^^

    Thank you for your comment.

    Looks like even you have different rate about GBP/YEN...
    If people want please just mail me I will send you a print srceen with my chart.
    That make me really realise that I m right to not share Gbp/yen trade. sure score will be better and bigger, but to many problem with smal position stop due to diferent company rate.

    Merci beaucoups pour le comentaire. Jespere vous relire bientot ^^


  5. thank you for your commnet.
    my GBP/Yen spread was 6pips.
    and i checked some other companys also.
    so far every one touched your stop point yesterday; such as meta trader and etc.

  6. Hi,

    I completly believe you as it was nearly stop with my account and because I alreay experience this kind of situation with pair that have big spread.

    Please send me a mail if you want I will send you a mail with a print screen of my downest point.