Monday, June 1, 2009

1st june New York Time Daily Trade Gift


New York
Time : No entry

Tokyo Time was winning : +17 PIPS
That the good way to start a m0nth ^^

June : +17 PIPS
May : + 242 pips
April : +33 PIPS
March : +99 PIPS
February :  -42PIPS
January : + 110 PIPS
December : +225 PIPS
Total : +667PIPS

Hey ^^ Time to support my ブログランキング



  1. Oh, no... My position was stop loss.
    I am using FXA Shoken. Could you let me know your FX company? I would like to adjust my entry and stop point.(Jeanist)

  2. my one touched stop loss also again..;(
    i also want to know your FX company..

  3. I m sorry for this kind of things happening.

    I m using diferent FX company.

    just to show you :

    here you can see a print screen, with a the highest point being 1.4167( it s ask rate so minus 2 spread it s...1.4165 the limit that I gave...)

    There is no solution, this kind of thing should not happen that often and if I (or you) start changing every day posiion(like smaller limit and bigger stop) , then at the end result will be worst(better to loose 1 time 17 pips that every day 1 pip...).