Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 February New York Time Daily Trade Gift


Tokyo Time : NO ENTRY

No use to rush I want to provide winning Trade, not just Trade...

Let s see if tonight Market seems better.

February : - 34 PIPS
January : + 110 PIPS
December : +225 PIPS
Total : +301PIPS

Please help me みんなたすけて with my ブログランキング
Blog Ranking is going Dowm :-\

Good Trade and see you Tonight for a New York Time Trade , I hope...: - /



  1. こんばんは^^
    Because there was movement before 20-21, I waited for a new entry point at 8...?
    correct answer or a mistake ?
    I really have to study hard (T-T)


    I was surprised to watch a video now.
    Is it magic?
    If there is an opportunity, please sometimes offer it with a trade gift.^^

  2. Hi,

    Yes if there is a lot of movement just before I update, it s hard to give a good trade that will appear few hours after I edit my blog.

    Sorry for not providing a lot of trade lately...
    I might provide short term trade if market continue to be like this. I will explain it in an article if I do so.