Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 February New York Time Daily Trade Gift


New York Time : NO ENTRY

Tokyo Time was loosing : -48 pips
Let s do better Tomorrow :-/

February : - 34 PIPS
January : + 110 PIPS
December : +225 PIPS
Total : +301PIPS

Please help me みんなたすけて with my ブログランキング
Blog Ranking is going Dowm :-\

Good Trade and see you Tomorrow for a Tokyo Time Trade Time Trade



  1. こんばんは ^」^

    What is the reason of a no entry?
    Are big economic indicators the days when there is nothing?
    I use the translation function.
    It is worry whether you understand my English.
    I'm sorry if I use it by mistake.

  2. Hi,

    Today my enty point happen just before 8 so I had to wait for a new entry point.

    Someday It can be no signal because of economic indicator happening during trading time to.